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Entersprise culture Entersprise culture:Spirit of the Dragon
harmonious spirit,creative spirit,a spirit of solidarity

Brand construction
"Brand"is a kind of intangible assets
"Brand" is, awareness, awareness cohesion and diffusion force and become the motive power for the development of the enterprise
LONGQUAN in the 20 years of brand construction, through the brand assets construction, information construction. channel construction customer development, media management, brand search force management, marketing management, foreign trade marketing and a series of brand publicity, enabling the LONGQUAN in solar green environmental protection at home and abroad in the industry enjoyed a good reputation.
LONGQUAN with Yangzi evening news, the river newspaper, Changzhou daily, solar energy industry information, solar energy information. heat pump market domestic and international famous media comprehensive promotion brand publicity successively. participate in the exhibition solar energy at home and abroad many times promote green industry upgrading, adhere to the renewable resources sustainable development


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