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JIANGSU LONGQUAN SOLAR TECHNOLOGY CO. LTD. Is specialized is engaged in the solar energy water heater development, production, sales and large hot water engineering installation as one of the high-tech enterprises, China's solar energy industry one of the founder, and grow into one of the three largest solar production bases in domestic and Chinese solar large export enterprise. At the same time, LONGQUAN is the export-oriented valve leading production enterprises in China. The annual output of valve 10 million roots, the area south of the Yangtze vacuum tube keep quality first. At present the CHANGZHOU and the surrounding plate solar manufacturer mostly adopts LONGQUAN acumen tube, And almost all export-oriented vacuum tube for LONGQUAN The company covers an area of 100000 square meters.Established LONGQUAN solar industrial park. The park is divided into enamel tank production park, vacuum tube coating manufacturing park flat coating encapsulation park, solar water heater production and manufacturing park. The number of existing staff more than 500 people Among them, the middle and senior professional and technical personnel 68 people, management personnel 38 people.

The company was established in 1991, is located in the beautiful scenery and convenient traffic SUNAN area, famous mathematician HUA LUO GENG's hometown JINTIAN city, Jiangsu province. Founded 20 years,with "green energy,harmony of heaven and earth" for the mission, create first-class technology research and development base, has introduced a large number of talents, implement brand strategy. In April 2009, Jiangsu LONGQUAN solar energy technology co, LTD, investment 55 million YUAN, respectively introduced the automation ultra large solar enamel inner of production line. Make LONGQUAN solar energy into the programmed integrated stream manufacturing era, products more beautiful, in line with the state advocates of the solar energy and the building integration of industry development direction. At present, the company products are exported to the United States, Australia, Portugal and 68 countries, the company in the face of ordinary solar market competition dilemma situation, Investment production of low carbon type enamel inner solar enamel of solar energy water heater not only make the pace of enterprise development soar up, and caused the attention and good graces in the same industries of the world.

We have an annual output of 600000 units of solar energy water heater,very large scale integrated intelligent manufacturing, industry leading full automatic assembly line. Solar energy vacuumed tubes with an annual output of 10 million cigarettes, adopts the international most advanced ion cleaning, vacuum treatment, vacuum coating equipment and quality Inspection equipment in the domestic leading, own all-round high borosilicate glass 32 vacuum tube pipe line, comprehensive ranked vanguard in the industry. Enamel water tank output of 50000 units, the products adopt American Lincoln and Japan OTC welding system,Germany automatic spray and rolling enamel technology, using Siemens enamel burn joint temperature technology, the overall no high pressure foaming technology, a series of international advanced technology and equipment to make the LONGQUAN enamel water tank first-class production technology level.

Products in 2001 won the European CE certification, in 2002 comprehensive through the ISO9001: 2001 international quality management system certification, in 2008 attains the private scientific and technological enterprise of Jiangsu province, in 2009 won the Changzhou famous brand products, credit (contract) AAA grade enterprise, ISO9001: 2008 management system certification,ISO14001: 2004 environmental management system certification, Jiangsu famous brand product, the national comfortable housing the authentication and 3 c authentication in 2010, become China's solar thermal utilization industry association director unit, the successful national electrical appliances to the countryside projects: The product after the national quality supervision and inspection agencies multiple sampling inspection, quality can meet or exceed the national industry standard

The company production of solar water heater and set heat tube sells well at home and abroad, in 2009, the international financial crisis against the backdrop of the realization in the first half of the export trade up 900%. 2010 sales year-on-year growth of 200%, realize the continuous two years sales increase more than 100% of the outstanding performance

Set Sail China, leading the world, adhere to the "gather capable person of the world, cast world brand" business philosoph shy, benefit hundred of millions of consumers, for the sustainable development of the human unremitting struggle!

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